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You guys aren't gonna believe this.

I'm stuck in front of a closed campus for the next 4 hours because I never got the memo that the school canceled Saturday classes before Labor Day as well.

Hahaha, oops.

In other news:

We...kind of wound up breaking Enoch-muse (yes I have an Enoch muse) last night in MSN. And then things got creepy because he started describing what it felt like to be close to the vileness in the Darkness stages and HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE DARKNESS STAGE MUSIC WITH HEADPHONES? IT IS THE CREEPIEST SHIT EVER AND I DON'T EVEN GET CREEPED OUT BY SILENT HILL.

I am not surprised that Enoch has storytelling talent. He wasn't really trying, he was just going for creeping us out in a sort of "you think you're scared of that? You're the ones safe on the other side of that screen!" kind of way.

Thankfully the breaking didn't happen in canon so the muse is okay. But holy shit, man.

EDIT: Also there is something making beeping noises inside the campus even though there's no one inside. o_O
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Long story short.

Mom, why are you suddenly dense and acting like I'm in grade school trying to play hooky?
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First, a school-based announcement. I HATE EXCEL Please, please stop deleting what I'm typing in a cell when I'm not done with it.

...With that out of the way...

It's time for the 30-Day Video Game Meme Day 20: Favorite Genre

RPGs, of course.

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So after getting ready for class, I had about 20 minutes to kill. I made the incredibly stupid decision of reading a book I had put down to kill time.

Reading a book is the only diversion that causes me to lose track of time completely. When doing anything else, I always remember to glance at the clock. Cue me running, late, to my mom's workplace so she can drive me, only to find her immature coworkers were taking the "closed for inventory" sign on the front door very seriously for shits and giggles. I could have been reasonable and walked in through the warehouse, but I was in a panic and didn't think to do that, instead repeating, "But I need to speak to my mom!" like an idiot. And then when I get there, not even late by some miracle, I find class was canceled anyway because the instructor's baby got sick.

Sheesh. Anyway, I got distracted yesterday, so you get two entries on the 30-Day Video Game Meme.

Day 16: Game With The Best Cutscenes.

...I don't even judge games by cutscenes. At all. I mean, I can call bullshit when they're bad, but... I dunno, I can't name one game with all the best cutscenes.

Day 17: Favorite Antagonist

Oh geez, do you know how hard this is to answer when you love things like classic Megaten? One person's antagonist is another's supporting character!

Okay, um...find a constant...

Oh, I know! YHWH is hilariously incompetent, yet still legitimately threatening. It's really hard to pull something like that off. (The incompetence may have been unintended, but still.)

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Augh. I stammered horribly when I got stuck at a transition point and I went a minute over the allotted time.

And of course, the whole time, I'm terrified of being judged for doing a presentation on angels while admitting I am not religious myself. (It was part of the intro hook.)

Here's hoping the teacher felt better about it than I did.

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The on-campus cafe's salad bar is more expensive than I thought.

Craving veggies, I figured I'd get a side salad to go with the lunch I'd brought with me. Turned out to be five bucks.

A five-dollar side salad. I'd expect to pay that for an entree salad!

I know I'm not doing that again. x_x I'll just eat veggies when I get home from now on.

EDIT: PFFFT, guys. XD Looks like Mastemoth was a success, [ profile] hitosyura!
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Regarding my informative speech topic that will be...what, next week? Well, I researched as hard as I could and it didn't change how weird some of the choirs are.

For instance, cherubim do...nothing. They're just there, immediately below or above seraphim. That's gonna be fun to explain. I've already printed the outline, though, so anything I find I'll have to pencil in and hope the teacher is fine with that.

Maybe I should have done a speech on the four core seraphim instead. Or on how, between all the angels across all the texts and sources, God winds up doing exactly jack and shit directly and just hands out orders. That would have been fun, though I don't want to offend anyone.

Too late now, anyway.

I'm hungry. I hope I get out of class with enough time for breakfast. Hell, I'd take a breakfast taco over coffee at this point, though I think I need the latter more.

EDIT: I wound up getting both a breakfast taco and coffee, though that leaves me without enough money to get a drink with lunch for today. Oh well. Have some Pokemon.

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I barely got any sleep. Normally, this means I would crash after classes are over and take a nap, but I can't do that today because I have work after school.

Anyone have any tips aside from coffee or apples(already using the former, don't have the latter) to renewing energy during the day?
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Need to do an informative speech in Speech class.

I've picked the angelic hierarchy as my topic.

Now I will be known as "that angel girl" irl too.

I'm afraid of having too much or too little information, though.

Also I forgot what exactly some of the choirs are responsible for. I'll have to look it up again. And figure out how to navigate the duplicate responsibilities. And figure out how to sum up the Seraphim without going into too much detail.

At least I have the skeleton of a PowerPoint presentation done! And I know a lot of it without having to do additional research.
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I just completed the worst assignment ever. It supposedly tests your skills in PowerPoint, but there was one problem where it asks you to download a template from Microsoft Office Online. Since it doesn't actually use the PowerPoint installed on the computer, but creates a simulation of a computer, naturally, for most of the "downloads" it will tell you it doesn't connect.

There is one link that will let you in, and it presents you with seven or so subcategories. It does not tell you until you click what templates are in which categories.

Here's the bullshit: Clicking on the wrong subcategory will count as an incorrect action and deduct from your attempts for the entire problem. How, pray tell, am I supposed to know whether the template called "Training seminar" is under "Office 2007 Training", "Training 2007 Office", or "Training"? (Yes, those were three seperate categories, picking the wrong one meant one less attempt.) Or maybe it's under "Business"? How about "Other"? You only get five attempts for one problem, and there are more links than that. Meaning you could fail the problem simply for not guessing right.

Utter. Bullshit. That is not a test of skill, that is a test of luck.

Screw this, I'm going to get breakfast.
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Sitting in class, waiting for everyone else to finish their test.

This computer has Firefox, why am I posting in IE? Blah.

I guess I'm here to ramble while I wait. I don't think they would appreciate me getting on an IRC client while on a classroom computer. I could always try, I guess, but nobody's on at this time of day anyway. I should probably try to get some tags done in the meantime, but without LJ Login? What a pain.

....I'm getting the sneaking suspiscion that I can actually leave.

And, on, we're not done yet. Even though the tasks she wants us to do are on the calendar for next session. Oh well, it can't hurt to be done ahead of time.

EDIT: The main building 13 elevators are down. I'm sick of hearing people on the stairwells complaining about having to use them. I don't know how the people in wheelchairs are handling it. I assume the construction workers are letting them use the freight elevator, which still works just fine.

EDIT2: Thought you were going to get away without seeing the Pokemon, huh?

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So, uh. I did not know this. (Red-outlined box) I know it's a very minor thing, but I'm still kind of annoyed that even MS Word is accepting it. I know it saves space, but I guess it's a formatting preference of mine.

Anyway. Back to the activity designed to teach me things I already know. *sigh*

Edit: Now that I'm back on my laptop, Pokemon just because.

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I wound up staying up all night due to simply not being tired.

And now, now that I'm sitting in class and trying to listen to the instructor, now I'm tired and trying not to fall asleep.

On a only semi-related note, it's fun watching Mastema be awkward. I think only a couple of people will know what I'm talking about.

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Have I mentioned how much I hate LJ's ads? You know, the ones that take up the whole screen and lock the content for half a minute? It has a close button, but then the content is locked indefinitely until you refresh.

Yeah. I hate posting from school. Because while this computer has Firefox, it won't keep an adblocker if I install it. So I have to sit through it if I want to read my flist or tag.

Yeah. *derps back to actually paying attention in class*

EDIT: I'm being more helpful with HTML tips than the teacher. Really, what?

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Back in class. Guess what happened because I was sick? I MISSED A TEST. I totally forgot there was a test Monday. Hate, hate, HATE getting sick. Of all the days.

EDIT: Got to take the test without any problems. My teacher is awesome.

Also, have some Pokemon.

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Dear Government instructor:

I know "socialist" is a loaded word. But pausing uncertainly just before saying it doesn't help anything.

Thank you.
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I'm tired of not being able to sleep before school. And it's only the second day.

At least joking with my brother about Mastema's daddy issues is funny and helps me wake up. But I still want to take a nap.
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Posting in before the first day of the semester.

Blah. We've just had bad luck with electric stuff today. First a storm came through rather suddenly and fried the desktop. I don't use the desktop but my mom does, so my laptop will probably be hijacked briefly for her to check her email or whatever. And then when I went to get dressed, I found the light in my closet had stopped working, too. Everything else is fine, though.

On the upside, I found out that my PSP does work for...more than an hour at least, I don't know exactly how long, if I take out the battery and leave it out for several hours before playing. Sure, I need to set the clock every time,'s fine. So long as it works.

On top of that, I scheduled an hour for lunch in...and promptly forgot to buy things to actually eat during that time. I guess I'm at the mercy of the vending machines for the week. Here's hoping my pocket change holds out.

I'll probably do tags during my lunch hour and maybe jump into chat/MSN. Maybe during class, too, if I can afford to risk suddenly laughing my ass off at you crazies. <3

Anyway, I'll do what tags I can now before we leave.


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