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Apologies for the quality. My camera sucks, but doesn't put up a fuss about putting images anywhere else, unlike my phone. I don't normally buy figurines like this, but Lucifel's little umbrella sold me.

And the Nephilim.

Anyway. Originally considered putting them on top of my TV but then I decided I really liked the box. Especially with the little portrait effect leaving the side flaps open has. (Hee, Lucifel looks grumpy.)

Lucifel was a total troll even as a little figurine. While Enoch and the Nephilim fit onto their stands with no fuss, Lucifel refused to stay on his, and then when I finally got him to stick, the top of the umbrella came off and I had to push it back on.

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You have earned a Trophy:
My Acrobatic Friend

(that is, clear chapter 8 without dying)

Of course I get this when there's nobody online who I could squee over it with. Of course. BUT I HAVE TO SQUEE SOMEWHERE I'm sorry flist.

Here's a statblock thing.

Playthrough number: 6
Difficulty: Easy
Costume: It's chapter 8, it doesn't matter what Enoch's costume is.
Grade: G

Score: 1175840
(Level Score: 401840
+Time Bonus: 204000
+Secret Bonus: 570000)
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I am hating not having LJ Login. Sorry, everyone in my RP life who isn't interacting with Enoch. It's my fault for being lazy, really. I'll tag everyone who's missing a tag once LJ Login is fixed.

Speaking of Enoch, thanks to whoever sent that spider. You made my morning! XD


Oct. 8th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Sorry I haven't gotten to the prompts yet, this one distracted me.

As posted to [ profile] commofenoch:

Title: Formative
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Description: One of Enoch's few lingering childhood memories. This one may well never fade. (even if the fic itself isn't from Enoch's POV, whoops!)

Fic: Over here!

Feedback very welcome, hope you enjoy it!
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Apparently he doesn't realize how that sounds coming from someone who's played FF4 like twenty times.

Here is my current El Shaddai game log:

First play: Easy. I wanted to get back into the platforming groove without having to worry about combat at all.

Second play: Normal, no costume. This was a muse-play for [ profile] warriorscribe. Muse-plays are kind of fun because they force you to break from your own style. It's kind of like being a player and a spectator all at once. Enoch-muse takes a much different approach than I do, and our favored styles work best with weapons that absolutely suck in the other's style. (Gale for me, Arch for him.) (If you don't know what a muse-play is and my context still leaves it unclear: You know how when you RP with a muse you obviously consider how they would act and not you? Yeah. That, with the game.)

(I messed around with chapter select a bit here, confused me into thinking I have five plays under my belt when I don't.)

Third play: Easy, special costume(no costume for chapters 7-8). Messing around with damage null and watching the way bosses behave. Also had a "final sparring match" with Armaros, reverting to normal armor for fairness and letting him break my weapon, playing the whole battle unarmed. It was a long battle, but very fun.

Fourth play: Hard, Dark costume. That'll teach me to jump straight from Easy to Hard. Augh, I haven't died this often even in Megaten games. But I got into some kind of groove after chapter 3, with some clear setbacks every so often.

Fifth (current) play: Normal, no costume. Now I'm just playing for the hell of it. Might make it another muse-play to keep Enoch-muse's battle voice fresh in my mind. I've been playing cautious for too long.
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So I think overall, he's going to be disappointed.

There's nothing wrong with that. He can dislike games I love all he wants.

The problem is his tendency to talk down to people who like games he dislikes. Or have different preferences. I once said I preferred DSRK1 over DSRK2 and he fucking laughed at me for it.

I don't mind if he doesn't like El Shaddai, in the end, but I really hope he doesn't give me shit over liking it.
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As I'm getting ready for class this morning, I hear my brother suddenly burst into the most raucous laughter I've ever heard from him.

"Screen invasion?" I call from the living room.

I'm answered with more laughter, which may or may not have included a "yes". Getting closer, I do indeed hear the strains of You Are Mine. Oh, Armaros, never change. <3

Sadly, I think chapter 8 is turning him off from the entire game. I know it's annoying, but I don't think it drags the whole game down. (Hell, I'm even starting to enjoy playing it!)

Speaking of El Shaddai, [ profile] nyxmidnight made a fan comm, [ profile] commofenoch. Join up and let's discuss and do fannish things!
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I got the special outfit in El Shaddai. I am taking advantage of it to watch the bosses...

...and to see if I can place the exact type of sandal Enoch wears, since nothing else is covering his feet with this outfit.

Also: the written language in the game seems oddly...consistent for what I originally assumed was a fictionalized text based on languages from that era and area.

So now I am looking closer at it to see if I can't at least identify it. (I think there is a shift in it between the start of the 300-year-skip and the end, as there well should be, which only makes me want to decipher it further.

And I start...with the stuff on this poster.

Which was doubtless designed by Armaros. Who is flashier than Enoch and his theatrical battling in absolutely every regard. So the letters are obviously stylized and not neat, simple print because that's not the way Armaros does things.

Most I can tell, it's largely based in Aramaic with some elements of modern Hebrew and Arabic.

Well, what else can you expect from a society that's been isolated for 300+ years? It might well be a waste of time, but I want to find that out for myself before dismissing it.

Because I am too into dissecting details.
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You guys aren't gonna believe this.

I'm stuck in front of a closed campus for the next 4 hours because I never got the memo that the school canceled Saturday classes before Labor Day as well.

Hahaha, oops.

In other news:

We...kind of wound up breaking Enoch-muse (yes I have an Enoch muse) last night in MSN. And then things got creepy because he started describing what it felt like to be close to the vileness in the Darkness stages and HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE DARKNESS STAGE MUSIC WITH HEADPHONES? IT IS THE CREEPIEST SHIT EVER AND I DON'T EVEN GET CREEPED OUT BY SILENT HILL.

I am not surprised that Enoch has storytelling talent. He wasn't really trying, he was just going for creeping us out in a sort of "you think you're scared of that? You're the ones safe on the other side of that screen!" kind of way.

Thankfully the breaking didn't happen in canon so the muse is okay. But holy shit, man.

EDIT: Also there is something making beeping noises inside the campus even though there's no one inside. o_O
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So I was telling Mom about my attempt to deconstruct the stories in the bible for the sake of writing. This actually happened quite some time ago. I have no idea why it's come to mind now.

But anyway, I started telling her about how some things are completely silly and she's like, "They're parables. They're just parables, you can't take them literally."

Of course some of these are obvious metaphors. But hey, you don't see anyone claiming, say, the story of Arachne was a parable against pride, do you? No, everyone accepts it at face value as a story in a mythology, because it is widely considered a mythology. But Greek mythology was treated as a religion at one point in time, too. As far as I'm concerned, the Abrahamic faiths are exactly the same.

I'm doing this because I love mythology, and I won't exclude those in current use because someone else believes it's more than just a story.

The obvious metaphors work as stories too. And that's the way I'm treating them.

Fuck original intent. Let me have my fun.
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So I've finally done it. Demiurge has been defeated three times now.

...Strangely, he wasn't very tough this time around. He only ever used Big Bang, Diarama, and Dekunda when I managed to get him to -4.

It was like he was letting me win. Not a Heaven Strike or a Mamudoon to be seen.


Anyway. He has a DR post now. Yay?


Feb. 8th, 2011 01:51 am
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I will let the image speak for itself.

He's so tiny...

Size comparison!

I just can't stop squeeing.


What's cuter than one mini-angel? Two of them! Shortly after I got mine, Mirr got one of her own! Mini-angels all around!
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So, it's a well-known fact that new muses are very ping-sensitive.

It's a little bit lesser-known that even atheists will use phrases like "oh god" in exasperation.

It's very well known that this is one of retail's busiest months with the least patient and most careless customers.

Long story short:

[ profile] bound_creator kept getting accidentally pinged at work. We're both irritated with each other.

The angels are quietly amused. The others are openly amused.
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So, on the Neutral path, after the fight with Zelenin...

cut for spoilers )
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In the meantime, have a username meme that came from [ profile] atrypical. Geez, look at all the angels.

bathhouse_boss: Satake is a mob boss who hangs out in the bathhouse.

fightsinheels: Hiroko...fights in heels. Seriously, go look.

livesbytheword: Izumi, uh. Yeah. Messian preacher.

savior_of_souls: What Takumi calls himself. ("souls" meaning "ghosts" or "earthbound spirits")

dreamrocksynth: Shinichi wears red dreamrock armor and aspires to synthesis.

crackingvoice: Metatron is the Voice of God and he's...well, he was slowly losing his grip on his sanity due to his AU. But the Mall has provided ample time to recover.

regainedvirtue: He's a Virtue and is ex-Yosuga, and he's well...regained virtuous qualities after deciding that, I don't know, killing innocent people is wrong.

chairhaswings: A Devil Children-style Principality, whose...chair has wings.

human_enough: He's a demi-fiend, but he's apparently human enough to produce some magatsuhi (which he uses to feed his demon party).

metafiend: Kenta is a demi-fiend who's noticed all the video game tropes his world is suddenly running on.

onlysaneseraph: Gabriel, in SMT2, is pretty much just that - Uriel, Raphael, and Michael are nuts.

first_halfdemon: Just what it sounds like, Chaos Hero was the first half-demon in the franchise. (I think)

untrueblue: A play on "true blue" - since the color of Law in SJ is blue - and Rio's reluctance to follow the Law endgame.

middle_route: Neutral tends to fall in the middle when listing the alignments. Also when depicting the alignments on a scale, Neutral is by definition in the middle.

adarkerangel: Mastema both has a darker personality and purpose (he's the guy sent to kill people) than most angels, as well as being the only angel aside from Lailah who has black wings.

pacifistbrat: Charles doesn't like to battle and he is a brat.
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Augh. I stammered horribly when I got stuck at a transition point and I went a minute over the allotted time.

And of course, the whole time, I'm terrified of being judged for doing a presentation on angels while admitting I am not religious myself. (It was part of the intro hook.)

Here's hoping the teacher felt better about it than I did.

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Regarding my informative speech topic that will be...what, next week? Well, I researched as hard as I could and it didn't change how weird some of the choirs are.

For instance, cherubim do...nothing. They're just there, immediately below or above seraphim. That's gonna be fun to explain. I've already printed the outline, though, so anything I find I'll have to pencil in and hope the teacher is fine with that.

Maybe I should have done a speech on the four core seraphim instead. Or on how, between all the angels across all the texts and sources, God winds up doing exactly jack and shit directly and just hands out orders. That would have been fun, though I don't want to offend anyone.

Too late now, anyway.

I'm hungry. I hope I get out of class with enough time for breakfast. Hell, I'd take a breakfast taco over coffee at this point, though I think I need the latter more.

EDIT: I wound up getting both a breakfast taco and coffee, though that leaves me without enough money to get a drink with lunch for today. Oh well. Have some Pokemon.

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Need to do an informative speech in Speech class.

I've picked the angelic hierarchy as my topic.

Now I will be known as "that angel girl" irl too.

I'm afraid of having too much or too little information, though.

Also I forgot what exactly some of the choirs are responsible for. I'll have to look it up again. And figure out how to navigate the duplicate responsibilities. And figure out how to sum up the Seraphim without going into too much detail.

At least I have the skeleton of a PowerPoint presentation done! And I know a lot of it without having to do additional research.


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