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Apologies for the quality. My camera sucks, but doesn't put up a fuss about putting images anywhere else, unlike my phone. I don't normally buy figurines like this, but Lucifel's little umbrella sold me.

And the Nephilim.

Anyway. Originally considered putting them on top of my TV but then I decided I really liked the box. Especially with the little portrait effect leaving the side flaps open has. (Hee, Lucifel looks grumpy.)

Lucifel was a total troll even as a little figurine. While Enoch and the Nephilim fit onto their stands with no fuss, Lucifel refused to stay on his, and then when I finally got him to stick, the top of the umbrella came off and I had to push it back on.

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Here! It'll force you to use a style, but hey, functionality is better than aesthetics.

Happy holidays, everyone. I'm still holding out hope for, you know, them actually listening to us.

EDIT: [ profile] ladyasul also has two, for Bloggish - April and Style Contest - Unstyled, respectively.
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Yep, it's December! And that means Christmas cards!

I have 15 9 cards to send out. If you want one, leave your name and mailing address. All comments will be screened.

Also you don't actually have to leave your real full name. If you just want to give me a name and an initial or just leave it blank for me to fill in your screenname, then that's fine too.

All cards will have a handwritten message, of course, and those of you who have signed up before know how terrible my handwriting is. XD So if you can't read what I wrote, just ask me! I'll be keeping transcriptions of my messages this year so I don't forget in case someone does ask.

Happy December, everyone, and hang in there to everyone else working in retail!
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Bro bought a PS3. Thought we agreed to share the cost, but he bought it all on his own. Oh well, all the more cash for me to spend on El Shaddai (and maybe Catherine? Iffy on that, neither of us is much of a puzzle gamer).

Tested it on both TVs. Works beautifully on mine. That TV played my Genesis games when I was six, and now it's playing PS3. Aside from oversaturated reds and sound quality suffering from the RF adapter, works just fine.

I love my little gaming TV. :3
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So I was making breakfast and the egg I was using had a chunk of ice inside.

Yeah. The egg white was partially frozen.

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While walking my dog this afternoon, I found a strange plant on the side of the road. It didn't look like anything around it, and I'd never seen it before. Maybe it was the offspring of someone's potted plant and some animal carried the seed there.

But I have no idea what it is.

I didn't have a camera with me at the moment, so I picked one of the flowers and brought it back.

Then I thought better of it and went back to take more pictures

My mom says she's seen the plant but has no idea what it is. It looks like some kind of lily to me, but I can't find a lily that matches this thing.

If you don't know, anyone know any gardening forums or comms where I can ask? Because it's bugging me more than it should. XD
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I have a Nook now.

Anyone have any reading suggestions?
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30-Day Video Game Meme Day 14: Current (or most recent) Gaming Wallpaper.

cut for big image )

This thing here, made by [ profile] miss_teddie. It's stretched a bit to fit my screen, but it's not terribly distorted.

the entire meme )

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I just completed the worst assignment ever. It supposedly tests your skills in PowerPoint, but there was one problem where it asks you to download a template from Microsoft Office Online. Since it doesn't actually use the PowerPoint installed on the computer, but creates a simulation of a computer, naturally, for most of the "downloads" it will tell you it doesn't connect.

There is one link that will let you in, and it presents you with seven or so subcategories. It does not tell you until you click what templates are in which categories.

Here's the bullshit: Clicking on the wrong subcategory will count as an incorrect action and deduct from your attempts for the entire problem. How, pray tell, am I supposed to know whether the template called "Training seminar" is under "Office 2007 Training", "Training 2007 Office", or "Training"? (Yes, those were three seperate categories, picking the wrong one meant one less attempt.) Or maybe it's under "Business"? How about "Other"? You only get five attempts for one problem, and there are more links than that. Meaning you could fail the problem simply for not guessing right.

Utter. Bullshit. That is not a test of skill, that is a test of luck.

Screw this, I'm going to get breakfast.
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Sitting in class, waiting for everyone else to finish their test.

This computer has Firefox, why am I posting in IE? Blah.

I guess I'm here to ramble while I wait. I don't think they would appreciate me getting on an IRC client while on a classroom computer. I could always try, I guess, but nobody's on at this time of day anyway. I should probably try to get some tags done in the meantime, but without LJ Login? What a pain.

....I'm getting the sneaking suspiscion that I can actually leave.

And, on, we're not done yet. Even though the tasks she wants us to do are on the calendar for next session. Oh well, it can't hurt to be done ahead of time.

EDIT: The main building 13 elevators are down. I'm sick of hearing people on the stairwells complaining about having to use them. I don't know how the people in wheelchairs are handling it. I assume the construction workers are letting them use the freight elevator, which still works just fine.

EDIT2: Thought you were going to get away without seeing the Pokemon, huh?

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We got the new desktop set up perfectly. It was the most painless Windows setup I have ever seen, and we didn't even have to mess around with the modem and/or router like we did for the older computer when we switched them out. It recognized there was a router and modem there instantly. Yay for OSes that are primed for networking!

The only problem we had was installing the right Flash player on Firefox. But that's fixed and everything's fine. It's a neat little computer, even if the Windows 7 taskbar is a bit...different. I think Mom will like it. And really, it's going to be mainly hers, since my brother and I have our laptops.

EDIT: Oh, right! I keep forgetting these little guys. (Also, does anyone want to do a tradeback to evolve my Graveler?) (EDIT 2: Thanks for the trade, [ profile] worldwalkerpure!)

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Posting in before the first day of the semester.

Blah. We've just had bad luck with electric stuff today. First a storm came through rather suddenly and fried the desktop. I don't use the desktop but my mom does, so my laptop will probably be hijacked briefly for her to check her email or whatever. And then when I went to get dressed, I found the light in my closet had stopped working, too. Everything else is fine, though.

On the upside, I found out that my PSP does work for...more than an hour at least, I don't know exactly how long, if I take out the battery and leave it out for several hours before playing. Sure, I need to set the clock every time,'s fine. So long as it works.

On top of that, I scheduled an hour for lunch in...and promptly forgot to buy things to actually eat during that time. I guess I'm at the mercy of the vending machines for the week. Here's hoping my pocket change holds out.

I'll probably do tags during my lunch hour and maybe jump into chat/MSN. Maybe during class, too, if I can afford to risk suddenly laughing my ass off at you crazies. <3

Anyway, I'll do what tags I can now before we leave.


Jul. 29th, 2010 01:48 am
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So, I said I'd be going to sleep early. I figured I'd sleep until a normal hour.

What I wound up with was a three-hour nap.

Also, I hate the new tag system. It suggests only the tags for your journal, and not the one for the comm you might be posting to.
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I love this chihuahua's sense of timing.

Animals are funny like that. Share funny animal stories you know/have found?
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So I got an RF Adapter for the PS2.

It works. :)
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Took me two hours just to get what I've got, and it covers the basics, at least. Basically, it's just random-ish characters and demons from Megaten. But it's a mood theme, and I'm happy with it so far.

Here's a link to see it. Be sure to credit me if you feel like using it for whatever reason:
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Yeah, I don't know why. It's kind of fun, though.


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