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So I was telling Mom about my attempt to deconstruct the stories in the bible for the sake of writing. This actually happened quite some time ago. I have no idea why it's come to mind now.

But anyway, I started telling her about how some things are completely silly and she's like, "They're parables. They're just parables, you can't take them literally."

Of course some of these are obvious metaphors. But hey, you don't see anyone claiming, say, the story of Arachne was a parable against pride, do you? No, everyone accepts it at face value as a story in a mythology, because it is widely considered a mythology. But Greek mythology was treated as a religion at one point in time, too. As far as I'm concerned, the Abrahamic faiths are exactly the same.

I'm doing this because I love mythology, and I won't exclude those in current use because someone else believes it's more than just a story.

The obvious metaphors work as stories too. And that's the way I'm treating them.

Fuck original intent. Let me have my fun.
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So I recently encountered something I thought I'd never see again:

"If you play a game for its story, you'd better go pick up a book."

"Games are about the challenge, and anyone who plays for story needs to stick to things that only tell stories."

"Stories are what you watch a Let's Play for."

Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit.

First off, challenge is relative. Due to being five cycles NG+, Strange Journey is no longer a challenge for me, save Mem Aleph and Demiurge. But I still play it. Because I enjoy the story and the characters, and the gameplay is nostalgic. Final Fantasy X isn't very difficult, but I love its characters and setting. Same goes for the seventh game in that series.

Second, what if we don't want the commentary that comes with a LP? What if we just want to experience it for ourselves?

I don't care if you like games based on their challenge, but fuck you if you try to tell me that I'm wrong for enjoying another aspect of them. Fuck you, and fuck your elitist "my opinion is the only right one" mindset.
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So, I read through the RP Anon Comm post and noticed someone was a little...concerned about what we mean when we say things like "Character X is quiet".

It kind of makes me sad that this person, presumably a fellow RPer, has never internalized a voice before.

I'm gonna use a bad example but bear with me.

When Stephenie Meyer said her cast was like people living in her head, she was most certainly not telling the truth, but it was something a "good" writer should say. I'm certain she heard it somewhere and felt it could help her image. (Incidentally, I do believe her when she said Jacob was her first character that "came to life" for her. He felt real and believable in those segments, but more on that later, maybe.)

See, when we write for a character, we're basically predicting what they do in certain situations. If you do this enough with a single character, it becomes effortless ("enough" varies among characters and writers. Some come to life in a single day, others take years. Some never do.). We don't have to think about it consciously. So it feels like they're a separate entity, which is why we call this "coming to life".

At this point, it is still possible to be OOC. After all, you're still the one writing, and it's entirely possible to misunderstand the muse (or in more mundane terms, your intuition regarding the character), inadvertently "filter" what's happening, or, if the writer is particularly immature, plain not like where they're headed and deliberately derail them, even if this is just as unconscious as writing for the character has become. (As Meyer did with Jacob. He was becoming entirely too likable, and had too real a chemistry with Bella, and she didn't want anything in the way of her precious OTP.)

I understand that on the internet, a distinction must be made because there are crazies out there who actually think they're bonded to or are the "real" character on the astral plane or something (I wonder how they handle someone else playing the same character!), but nitpicking over our phrasing is not the way to make that distinction. I'm sure a person can tell for themselves if someone is crazy or not.

When we say a muse is quiet, it means that we are not inspired for them or that our subconscious hold on their voice is slipping and we're not putting forth the effort (not that making an extra effort usually helps in these situations because it's usually due to a lack of inspiration and "forcing" a voice can all too often end in suck).

When I say a muse "pings"...well. I don't know about the rest of you. But what I do when I RP - when I predict what they'll do - I do in real life. Constantly. I always have a muse or two "watching" me so I keep a feel for their voice fresh in my mind. So since I have muses constantly watching what I'm doing in meta, basically, they indicate that something will happen or that they are interested. Or, in practical terms, I predict that they predict they will be affected or interested. Confused yet? It's a bit confusing to relate.

In short, we writers may say they're like people living in our heads, but the operative word there is like. We may or may not omit that word, but it is always implied. We realize they're fictional, and treat them as such. All we mean by that is that we have gained an understanding of them to the point that we no longer have to consciously think about what they would want or do, so they seem autonomous.
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I've seen my fair share of Internet jerks. There are the trolls, there are the ego-heads, and then...there are the fanatics. The ones whose opinions are right, absolutely right, and if you disagree there is something wrong with you, even if your opinion isn't racist or sexist or in any way hurting someone.

blah blah yammer yammer cases nobody cares about )

To this day, it still irks me when someone expresses an opinion that hurts absolutely no one, and someone else responds with, "Fuck you." And in the first case, if it really does offend someone, then there's something partially justified about being a little rude back, I guess. Maybe. But nowhere near suggesting something is morally wrong with them for having a visceral fear they can't control. If there is anything wrong there, it's medical, not moral.

Anyway, sorry for letting the teal deer loose. It was just bothering me, I guess.
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My brother won't go get a job unless someone goes with him, and even that's stopped being effective. He turned around on me and went back home and is now moping about it.

It's obvious the kid needs help, but we can't afford it.



Jan. 28th, 2010 10:10 pm
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Today has just been all downhill. Nyx is sick and I'm worried, I worked half the hours I was supposed to and I need those hours, and my income tax refund is only two digits large.

On top of all that my boss is angry with me for being a slower worker than the new girl, and won't take "you misinterpreted what you saw" for an answer. (I was not "standing around", you happened to walk by while I was getting more security tags for the clothes!)

I don't want to find a new job, I know the store like the back of my hand and that makes things so much easier on me.

I dunno. Maybe I should just go to bed and hope tomorrow makes up for it somehow.


Dec. 9th, 2009 10:09 am
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Two things. First, I know this is the second entry today...


big image goes under here now )

Do you see that code? But the game's buggy and won't let me set it.

I mean, it's perfect! ...Okay, so Izumi's not really evangelical to anyone who doesn't show interest or potential interest anymore, and I wouldn't use "beautiful" to describe her, but man, there has to be a reason that pinged me so bad when I saw it on the rewards list. Why can't I set it? ;;

And two, I wanted to post this immediately after getting it, but my Internet connection decided to call it quits for the night. Ugh. It's usually so reliable.
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A little while ago, [ profile] xen0glossy posted something about how the haters are blowing things out of proportion, and it got me thinking: Why do I hate Twilight?

Well... I found the answer:

It's not that there are "impressionable teenagers" reading these books that will think stalking is romantic. It's that there are mothers of even younger people that believe it is! That is what, in my mind, makes it wrong the most and why I hate it so much.

PS: If anyone knows enough about both Twilight and Pokemon to understand the Ponyta tag reference, then I applaud you for the latter and console you for the former.


Oct. 31st, 2009 01:57 am
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That DQ3 game I started, with me, Walker, Nyx, and Andi?

The emulator froze. I had to exit using the task manager.

Guess what happened when I tried starting it again?

The save file was gone.

So, I'm going to try again. But, I need you three (You're all on my flist, right?) to repost your desired class/gender and stats... -_- Sorry! I'll make backups of the save next time!

EDIT: Oh yeah! And here's the so-called "vain" speech The Voice gives you.

“You appear to be quite vain. You have very high ideals. While that isn’t necessarily bad, are you irked by the gap between what you envision and drab reality? You have the bad habit of always comparing everything with others. If you could learn to accept yourself a little more for who you are, your life will become more enjoyable.”

...That's not vanity. Clearly, we have a translation error on our hands.

I put my muses through it (except Metatron, I still need to go through with him), and I'll post theirs some time later in another post.
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One of Izumi's most aggravating flaws is the fact that she's emotionally needy and clingy but keeps trying to push support away at the same time. I mean, for crying out loud, Izumi. I know you want to be "humble" and everything, but that's taking it too far!


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