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Welp. Accidentally defeated the first Pokemon seen on Route 202. Caught a Kricketot and a Budew in routes 203 and 204. Lyra, the Kricketot, was defeated while I was training her up to speed. Figures. I should have taught her Hidden Power so she'd have some other form of attack. That was stupid of me, banking on Bide alone in a Nuzlocke challenge. I'll try to be more careful with the other newbie.

So, at the end of the second day of the challenge, here's what things look like:

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A Nuzlocke challenge, that's what. I have a new copy of Pearl and that's what I'm doing with it. (I still have my old copy, this one was free)

rules behind the cut )

I may have given myself a bit too much leeway, but here goes anyway.

Here's some basic stuff:

Trainer: Lucas (Male)
Rival: Barry

Sorry for the unimaginative names. That's going to be a theme here.

My starter was a male Turtwig I named Zed. If I think of a better name for him, let's hope he survives until I hit the Name Rater.

At Verity Lake, I caught a male Bidoof I named Jeb. It just seemed right. At Route 201 I caught a female Starly I named Flicky. Feeling nostalgic - anyone remember that game?

Slow start, not going anywhere until Jeb and Flicky are level 5.

Wish me luck, guys!
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I got your card and present, [ profile] xen0glossy. Thank you! ...You didn't have to send me anything! I don't want to be any trouble... ^^;

It's adorable, though. *places Snivy toy on the Shelf of Nerdiness next to Raiho*

How are my cards getting along, people that asked for them? Anyone get theirs yet?
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I want to introduce you all to Imran, or [ profile] timelessgray, a human kid-turned-Charmander just trying to figure out what's going on.

That's right, it's an interactive journal fic of sorts (not quite a LP?) of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! Explorers of Darkness, to be precise.

It's probably silly and stupid, but Imran is an indecisive derp just like his author/player and needs you guys to help make decisions.

You don't have to be anonymous despite that being the preferred format of the people involved so far, but I just ask that you respect the fourth wall (and the plot!) or you'll have a confused Charmander on your hands. Feel free to friend him or just watch me since I'll be announcing posts of his in posts of my own.

It might be hard because of the format to read from the beginning, and for that, I apologize. If you want a link to his first post or to any post, just ask him and maybe he'll point you to it!

I look forward to this...whatever it is. Hope you'll join us!
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In the meantime, have a username meme that came from [ profile] atrypical. Geez, look at all the angels.

bathhouse_boss: Satake is a mob boss who hangs out in the bathhouse.

fightsinheels: Hiroko...fights in heels. Seriously, go look.

livesbytheword: Izumi, uh. Yeah. Messian preacher.

savior_of_souls: What Takumi calls himself. ("souls" meaning "ghosts" or "earthbound spirits")

dreamrocksynth: Shinichi wears red dreamrock armor and aspires to synthesis.

crackingvoice: Metatron is the Voice of God and he's...well, he was slowly losing his grip on his sanity due to his AU. But the Mall has provided ample time to recover.

regainedvirtue: He's a Virtue and is ex-Yosuga, and he's well...regained virtuous qualities after deciding that, I don't know, killing innocent people is wrong.

chairhaswings: A Devil Children-style Principality, whose...chair has wings.

human_enough: He's a demi-fiend, but he's apparently human enough to produce some magatsuhi (which he uses to feed his demon party).

metafiend: Kenta is a demi-fiend who's noticed all the video game tropes his world is suddenly running on.

onlysaneseraph: Gabriel, in SMT2, is pretty much just that - Uriel, Raphael, and Michael are nuts.

first_halfdemon: Just what it sounds like, Chaos Hero was the first half-demon in the franchise. (I think)

untrueblue: A play on "true blue" - since the color of Law in SJ is blue - and Rio's reluctance to follow the Law endgame.

middle_route: Neutral tends to fall in the middle when listing the alignments. Also when depicting the alignments on a scale, Neutral is by definition in the middle.

adarkerangel: Mastema both has a darker personality and purpose (he's the guy sent to kill people) than most angels, as well as being the only angel aside from Lailah who has black wings.

pacifistbrat: Charles doesn't like to battle and he is a brat.
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Whoops, I forgot to do this yesterday, so have two days of the 30-Day Video Game Meme.

Day 24: Favorite Classic Game

.....Well, damn. SMT1 or SMT2? I'd say they're tied! Or maybe Sonic 2? Pokemon Red? I'M SO INDECISIVE!

Day 25: A Game You Plan On Playing

Pokemon Black or White (probably Black, I want that vulture Pokemon!)

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30-Day Video Game Meme Day 19: Picture of a Game Setting You Wish You Lived In.

Pokeworld! ...Isshu preferred (Bachuru is so cute) but really, I'd live anywhere there. Sure, it's dangerous, but...

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30-Day Video Game Meme Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play

Pokemon! The world is interesting (it can be both appreciated as a cheerful kiddy world and in a darker more mature light very easily), the little guys are cute and awesome in their own ways and...well, why not?

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Hey, check out my Halloween Duskull! What should I name him, guys?

In other news:

30-Day Video Game Meme Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).

This is a really tough one. While there are characters with traits I admire or identify with, I can't say any one character is really like me.

entire meme )

My poor Lumine and Jolt... They'll be back after Halloween.

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I caught a Pikachu at work today.

No, seriously. I had the Pokewalker in my pocket and took it out when I went to use the bathroom, and somehow, I'd managed to press all the right buttons with my hip to both activate and (successfully!) complete the grass minigame, leaving me with a Pikachu staring Jet down when I looked. I caught it, dropped the Pokewalker back in my pocket and went about my day.

Weirdest thing ever. Somehow, I got to that battle by whatever I wound up pressing when I bent over or bumped into something.

Also this is the first post that merits using both the RL and gaming tags for the exact same thing rather than two points in one post. How often do you see that?
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So, in my first Bug-Catching Contest in HeartGold, I caught and won with a Scyther! [ profile] worldwalkerpure, didn't you say you wanted one? I can give her to you if you still want one, although Serebii says it's obtainable in both versions.

EDIT: Growlithe caught! I'll be hanging out in the wifi room and in chat so we can coordinate.

Also, the Aeria GMs are doing another Bad Act series of events for Imagine. It probably won't be quite Megaten-ish storywise, if it's anything like the last one, but then again if it's anything like the last one, it'll be fun to go along with.


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