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I'm thinking of quitting Nano. The idea just isn't panning out the way I'd hoped.

30-Day Video Game Meme Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

DSRK1. Episode 11. That is all.

the whole meme )

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So, instead of trying to burst through the writer's block at the Tower of Babel, I instead updated Izumi's Please Find This post. That's addictive.

But I kind of need to get back to NaNo, now, so if Izumi will please quiet down so Metatron can speak?
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Here's the latest. The headcanon was put to good use. Thanks!

In other news, I stayed up all night writing that because Metatron wouldn't cooperate out of fear. ...Guess he was right to be afraid, way it turned out. Blah.

Now I need to find a way to stay awake until all my classes are done for the day.


Nov. 2nd, 2009 06:29 pm
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I had an original idea all mapped out. I had a world, I had characters, I had a plot...

...Then November hits and it all goes poof.

Luckily, Meta-muse had a great idea! Why not use his backstory as my novel? Sure, no matter how much fanfic may be seen as bad form, I can't argue that's where my inspiration's going. Besides, at this rate, it will be more Bible-fic than Megaten-fic, just with the Megaten designs.

Also, Nyx, I don't know if the angels going sexless after the Nephilim event was your headcanon or actual canon in some text or another, but I've decided to use it. So thank you if credit is due to you.

I'll be posting it as I'm writing on Metatron's journal, [ profile] crackingvoice, so check there if you want to follow it.

Happy writing, everyone!


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