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I got the special outfit in El Shaddai. I am taking advantage of it to watch the bosses...

...and to see if I can place the exact type of sandal Enoch wears, since nothing else is covering his feet with this outfit.

Also: the written language in the game seems oddly...consistent for what I originally assumed was a fictionalized text based on languages from that era and area.

So now I am looking closer at it to see if I can't at least identify it. (I think there is a shift in it between the start of the 300-year-skip and the end, as there well should be, which only makes me want to decipher it further.

And I start...with the stuff on this poster.

Which was doubtless designed by Armaros. Who is flashier than Enoch and his theatrical battling in absolutely every regard. So the letters are obviously stylized and not neat, simple print because that's not the way Armaros does things.

Most I can tell, it's largely based in Aramaic with some elements of modern Hebrew and Arabic.

Well, what else can you expect from a society that's been isolated for 300+ years? It might well be a waste of time, but I want to find that out for myself before dismissing it.

Because I am too into dissecting details.
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I read all of Problem Sleuth in one sitting yesterday. That's five hours I said I'd use playing SJ and doing schoolwork. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

...Mastema says it probably would be in that order. He knows me too well. Also he needs to stop being so loud. Encroaching on my posts, seriously, wtf.

Well, thanks to my massive Archive Binge, my muses have taken to using "Stick your head in a window and unplug it." (or variations) as an insult. Maybe I should use it, too, it makes me giggle.

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Okay, jury duty was handled without problems. I just sat around with the PSP for a few hours while they called just about every number but mine, and then sent me and some others home without being put on a panel. Yay!

So, I'm sure the chat guys wanna know how their DnD personae fared, and here's how it went:

oops! Forgot to cut! )

So, I have two places to go:

1: Go help the elves fight off the bugbears. (Game recommends 2nd level party)
2: Go see the witch, Entelesse. (Game recommends 3rd level party)

Our party is all level 3 except Icy and Eden/Igor, at level 2.

What do you say, guys? I'm gonna turn this into an LP of sorts because really, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Post where you want to go next here!


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