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Okay, so I know I don't update this, like, at all. Hell, I don't even check it. But having one place to gather addresses in privacy for everyone seemed like the best way to organize it for me. So! If you want a holiday card, reply with your address (I'll use your screen name if you don't give me one) and what type of card you want - I'll be listing what I have shortly. You can reply anonymously if you don't want to use a journal too! Naturally, all comments are screened.


Winter - generic

Christmas - Santa

Christmas - religious(angels)

Hanukkah - humorous
(sorry, it's all we had...)

Manatees (I don't know why either but it's there)


I'll be taking addresses until the end of November, and send all cards as soon as possible after December begins.

Also, if you'd really prefer a type of card that isn't listed here and I haven't said is unavailable, let me know and I'll see what I can get.
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Christmas cards have been sent out! (or rather, they were sent out yesterday but I was too lazy to post that then. Hope they reach all of you all right!
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Yep, it's December! And that means Christmas cards!

I have 15 9 cards to send out. If you want one, leave your name and mailing address. All comments will be screened.

Also you don't actually have to leave your real full name. If you just want to give me a name and an initial or just leave it blank for me to fill in your screenname, then that's fine too.

All cards will have a handwritten message, of course, and those of you who have signed up before know how terrible my handwriting is. XD So if you can't read what I wrote, just ask me! I'll be keeping transcriptions of my messages this year so I don't forget in case someone does ask.

Happy December, everyone, and hang in there to everyone else working in retail!
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I got your card and present, [ profile] xen0glossy. Thank you! ...You didn't have to send me anything! I don't want to be any trouble... ^^;

It's adorable, though. *places Snivy toy on the Shelf of Nerdiness next to Raiho*

How are my cards getting along, people that asked for them? Anyone get theirs yet?
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The cards have been dropped in the mailbox!

Hopefully, they'll get where they need to go without any problems.
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I have Christmas cards!

Fifteen of them, to be exact. If you want me to send you one, leave your mailing address in a comment and I'll send one to you. I will probably write a message as well, but chances are you won't be able to read it because my handwriting is awful.

Comments are, of course, screened.

I'll be sending them out on Dec. 20 (or Dec. 19 if the 20th falls on a Sunday, I haven't checked), so comment before then.
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big image under the cut )

Happy St. Patrick's, everyone.

And yes, I made this post because of the shirt. XD

Well, that, and I may wind up wearing that shirt full-time on Imagine, for sentimental reasons. My dad's side of the family has Irish roots, and he always seemed proud of it. So I might keep that thing on if I get tired of my Skull Jersey.

It's a hard choice. One's a rare drop, the other's event-only thus far.

Cards GET!

Dec. 26th, 2009 08:44 pm
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[ profile] celestial_ice, and [ profile] xen0glossy, I got your cards! (and cookies! Thanks, Xeno, they were delicious!) Thank you both!
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Merry Christmas, everyone! To celebrate, I'm going to give you a bunch of Christmasy Imagine screencaps!

Home III has Christmas trees.

Arcadia's got a really pretty one.

It has poinsettias in the flower garden, too!

And Protopia's trees are white!

Sadly, I didn't get any for Souhonzan or Shinjuku Babel. Have some glitches to make up for that:

Izumi should still be standing...

And Takumi's doing just the opposite!
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Stolen from everyone!

I have 12 Christmas cards here, so if you want one, post with the name you want it sent to and your address. All comments are screened, of course.


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