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Welp. Accidentally defeated the first Pokemon seen on Route 202. Caught a Kricketot and a Budew in routes 203 and 204. Lyra, the Kricketot, was defeated while I was training her up to speed. Figures. I should have taught her Hidden Power so she'd have some other form of attack. That was stupid of me, banking on Bide alone in a Nuzlocke challenge. I'll try to be more careful with the other newbie.

So, at the end of the second day of the challenge, here's what things look like:

under a cut )
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A Nuzlocke challenge, that's what. I have a new copy of Pearl and that's what I'm doing with it. (I still have my old copy, this one was free)

rules behind the cut )

I may have given myself a bit too much leeway, but here goes anyway.

Here's some basic stuff:

Trainer: Lucas (Male)
Rival: Barry

Sorry for the unimaginative names. That's going to be a theme here.

My starter was a male Turtwig I named Zed. If I think of a better name for him, let's hope he survives until I hit the Name Rater.

At Verity Lake, I caught a male Bidoof I named Jeb. It just seemed right. At Route 201 I caught a female Starly I named Flicky. Feeling nostalgic - anyone remember that game?

Slow start, not going anywhere until Jeb and Flicky are level 5.

Wish me luck, guys!
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Apologies for the quality. My camera sucks, but doesn't put up a fuss about putting images anywhere else, unlike my phone. I don't normally buy figurines like this, but Lucifel's little umbrella sold me.

And the Nephilim.

Anyway. Originally considered putting them on top of my TV but then I decided I really liked the box. Especially with the little portrait effect leaving the side flaps open has. (Hee, Lucifel looks grumpy.)

Lucifel was a total troll even as a little figurine. While Enoch and the Nephilim fit onto their stands with no fuss, Lucifel refused to stay on his, and then when I finally got him to stick, the top of the umbrella came off and I had to push it back on.

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You have earned a Trophy:
My Acrobatic Friend

(that is, clear chapter 8 without dying)

Of course I get this when there's nobody online who I could squee over it with. Of course. BUT I HAVE TO SQUEE SOMEWHERE I'm sorry flist.

Here's a statblock thing.

Playthrough number: 6
Difficulty: Easy
Costume: It's chapter 8, it doesn't matter what Enoch's costume is.
Grade: G

Score: 1175840
(Level Score: 401840
+Time Bonus: 204000
+Secret Bonus: 570000)


Oct. 8th, 2011 07:29 pm
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Sorry I haven't gotten to the prompts yet, this one distracted me.

As posted to [ profile] commofenoch:

Title: Formative
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Description: One of Enoch's few lingering childhood memories. This one may well never fade. (even if the fic itself isn't from Enoch's POV, whoops!)

Fic: Over here!

Feedback very welcome, hope you enjoy it!
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Apparently he doesn't realize how that sounds coming from someone who's played FF4 like twenty times.

Here is my current El Shaddai game log:

First play: Easy. I wanted to get back into the platforming groove without having to worry about combat at all.

Second play: Normal, no costume. This was a muse-play for [ profile] warriorscribe. Muse-plays are kind of fun because they force you to break from your own style. It's kind of like being a player and a spectator all at once. Enoch-muse takes a much different approach than I do, and our favored styles work best with weapons that absolutely suck in the other's style. (Gale for me, Arch for him.) (If you don't know what a muse-play is and my context still leaves it unclear: You know how when you RP with a muse you obviously consider how they would act and not you? Yeah. That, with the game.)

(I messed around with chapter select a bit here, confused me into thinking I have five plays under my belt when I don't.)

Third play: Easy, special costume(no costume for chapters 7-8). Messing around with damage null and watching the way bosses behave. Also had a "final sparring match" with Armaros, reverting to normal armor for fairness and letting him break my weapon, playing the whole battle unarmed. It was a long battle, but very fun.

Fourth play: Hard, Dark costume. That'll teach me to jump straight from Easy to Hard. Augh, I haven't died this often even in Megaten games. But I got into some kind of groove after chapter 3, with some clear setbacks every so often.

Fifth (current) play: Normal, no costume. Now I'm just playing for the hell of it. Might make it another muse-play to keep Enoch-muse's battle voice fresh in my mind. I've been playing cautious for too long.
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So I think overall, he's going to be disappointed.

There's nothing wrong with that. He can dislike games I love all he wants.

The problem is his tendency to talk down to people who like games he dislikes. Or have different preferences. I once said I preferred DSRK1 over DSRK2 and he fucking laughed at me for it.

I don't mind if he doesn't like El Shaddai, in the end, but I really hope he doesn't give me shit over liking it.
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As I'm getting ready for class this morning, I hear my brother suddenly burst into the most raucous laughter I've ever heard from him.

"Screen invasion?" I call from the living room.

I'm answered with more laughter, which may or may not have included a "yes". Getting closer, I do indeed hear the strains of You Are Mine. Oh, Armaros, never change. <3

Sadly, I think chapter 8 is turning him off from the entire game. I know it's annoying, but I don't think it drags the whole game down. (Hell, I'm even starting to enjoy playing it!)

Speaking of El Shaddai, [ profile] nyxmidnight made a fan comm, [ profile] commofenoch. Join up and let's discuss and do fannish things!
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I got the special outfit in El Shaddai. I am taking advantage of it to watch the bosses...

...and to see if I can place the exact type of sandal Enoch wears, since nothing else is covering his feet with this outfit.

Also: the written language in the game seems oddly...consistent for what I originally assumed was a fictionalized text based on languages from that era and area.

So now I am looking closer at it to see if I can't at least identify it. (I think there is a shift in it between the start of the 300-year-skip and the end, as there well should be, which only makes me want to decipher it further.

And I start...with the stuff on this poster.

Which was doubtless designed by Armaros. Who is flashier than Enoch and his theatrical battling in absolutely every regard. So the letters are obviously stylized and not neat, simple print because that's not the way Armaros does things.

Most I can tell, it's largely based in Aramaic with some elements of modern Hebrew and Arabic.

Well, what else can you expect from a society that's been isolated for 300+ years? It might well be a waste of time, but I want to find that out for myself before dismissing it.

Because I am too into dissecting details.
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You guys aren't gonna believe this.

I'm stuck in front of a closed campus for the next 4 hours because I never got the memo that the school canceled Saturday classes before Labor Day as well.

Hahaha, oops.

In other news:

We...kind of wound up breaking Enoch-muse (yes I have an Enoch muse) last night in MSN. And then things got creepy because he started describing what it felt like to be close to the vileness in the Darkness stages and HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE DARKNESS STAGE MUSIC WITH HEADPHONES? IT IS THE CREEPIEST SHIT EVER AND I DON'T EVEN GET CREEPED OUT BY SILENT HILL.

I am not surprised that Enoch has storytelling talent. He wasn't really trying, he was just going for creeping us out in a sort of "you think you're scared of that? You're the ones safe on the other side of that screen!" kind of way.

Thankfully the breaking didn't happen in canon so the muse is okay. But holy shit, man.

EDIT: Also there is something making beeping noises inside the campus even though there's no one inside. o_O
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Bro bought a PS3. Thought we agreed to share the cost, but he bought it all on his own. Oh well, all the more cash for me to spend on El Shaddai (and maybe Catherine? Iffy on that, neither of us is much of a puzzle gamer).

Tested it on both TVs. Works beautifully on mine. That TV played my Genesis games when I was six, and now it's playing PS3. Aside from oversaturated reds and sound quality suffering from the RF adapter, works just fine.

I love my little gaming TV. :3
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> Think of useless shirt in Imagine depository that is non-trade but you don't want to throw away.

> What the hell, just draw up an expertise plan for kicks.

> Wind up with favorite demons, backstory in timeline format, and personality blurb.

> ...And a muse that will not go away until a character ticket is bought and used.

> orz forever.

At least she's Chaotic....?
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So, a couple of days ago, I beat SMT2 on the Law path! It was to canon-review for Gabriel...but I wound up picking up two new muses from the playthrough. Only one of which is a journal (that's Beth, btw), and uh. Yeah.

Anyway, the final couple of battles were more annoying than they were hard. YHVH only killed someone by damage once, and that was only because it was Satan spamming Deathbound and YHVH landed a critical before Virtue could Diarahan him. If it had not been a critical, he would not have died.

His only other kills were Anubis, by Voice. Yeah. Kind of underwhelming.

In other news, uh. YHVH has some interesting sprite frames. I've only ever creeped people out by showing them this one, but I can't stop laughing at it, personally. It just looks so stupid on him.

And then I made an icon of it because I was kind of bored and it amused me. Feel free to take it, treat it like a base, whatever.
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Comment with "bring it on!" and:
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions (but only if you want to).

So if I didn't give you questions before, now's your chance! [ profile] knuddleluff asked me these:

1. What is your favorite SMT demon (that is not an angel)?

Kurama Tengu! I love tengu in general, and Kurama was one of my constant companions throughout the endgame of DSRK1.

2. What is your favorite MegaMan game and/or series?

I'm partial to the Classic series, but overall my favorite games are:
Classic: 7
X: 4
Battle Network: 3

3. Name at least three personal items that you would use to decorate your bedroom.

My Nook (more it's cover, really), my DS, and my laptop (or its case). End result would probably be a floral/earthy thing since the main colors for those three wind up being brown, pink, and green(if we use the laptop case).

4. Other than gaming and reading, what would you consider your hobby?


5. What do you consider your greatest achievement in life so far?

Submitting three pieces to the school's creative writing journal, judged by the creative writing instructors. Two of them were slice-of-life stories, one was a fantasy piece (if you don't know, creative writing instructors tend to disallow fantasy and sci-fi on principle because bad writers tend to hide their bad writing behind the fantasy and sci-fi ideas.). My creative writing instructor knows me and my fantasy and has allowed it (!), but he wasn't on the judging panel that year.

Guess which piece of the three made it in, with a panel of complete strangers? :3


May. 20th, 2011 01:12 pm
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He's here! They implemented him!

Except the story reason behind the dungeon is creeping me out.

cut for images and...uh. Spoilers? idk. )

Anyway, I didn't actually go in yet. I just wanted to see the message beforehand. I'll stew in that at work.


May. 13th, 2011 01:25 pm
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I keep meaning to go play Imagine, but I get sidetracked by other things.

That's right, I procrastinate on my free time too. What the hell, self.
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So I recently encountered something I thought I'd never see again:

"If you play a game for its story, you'd better go pick up a book."

"Games are about the challenge, and anyone who plays for story needs to stick to things that only tell stories."

"Stories are what you watch a Let's Play for."

Bullshit, bullshit, and bullshit.

First off, challenge is relative. Due to being five cycles NG+, Strange Journey is no longer a challenge for me, save Mem Aleph and Demiurge. But I still play it. Because I enjoy the story and the characters, and the gameplay is nostalgic. Final Fantasy X isn't very difficult, but I love its characters and setting. Same goes for the seventh game in that series.

Second, what if we don't want the commentary that comes with a LP? What if we just want to experience it for ourselves?

I don't care if you like games based on their challenge, but fuck you if you try to tell me that I'm wrong for enjoying another aspect of them. Fuck you, and fuck your elitist "my opinion is the only right one" mindset.
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Title: Negotiations
Source: SMT2
Characters: Law!Aleph, Ghoulette, Angel, Dark Elf
Rating: G
Warnings: None?
Notes: Based on an actual negotiation. It happened immediately after I recruited Angel, so I just had to wonder what she was thinking when Aleph did that.

Angel wasn't quite certain what she'd gotten herself into. She'd certainly been impressed with Aleph's bravado and commanding voice, but what kind of Messiah would approach the undead for conversation?

"Hello there," Aleph said, smile as friendly as the one he'd approached her with.

The Ghoulette looked at him with a wistful stare. " remind me of..." she trailed off with a dreamy sigh. "...will...will you dance with me the way I used to?"

"Sure," Aleph said, putting away his weapons.

"Master Aleph!" Angel cried, unable to stop herself.

The Ghoulette put her hand on Aleph's shoulder.

Angel watched in mute horror, sure their master's kindness had cost them the initiative.

But Aleph put his arms around the living corpse in return. Ghoulette smiled and moved one hand to his waist, taking the other in her own.

And, without threat, they began to dance.

It didn't take long before the pair were enveloped in a soft white light. The Divine drew a slow breath, recognizing the anguished soul given rest.

The light cleared, leaving Aleph alone.

"Truly a Messiah," Angel breathed.

"Don't become too enthralled," said Dark Elf beside her. "The other one will not be swayed that easily. We have a battle to complete."
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We were talking about Lady Gaga.

And...despite the tone here, the conversation actually turned out to be quite pleasant. Go figure.


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