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Sorry I haven't gotten to the prompts yet, this one distracted me.

As posted to [ profile] commofenoch:

Title: Formative
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Description: One of Enoch's few lingering childhood memories. This one may well never fade. (even if the fic itself isn't from Enoch's POV, whoops!)

Fic: Over here!

Feedback very welcome, hope you enjoy it!
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You know what that means?


Give me a character or two (optional), a canon or RP I know, and a prompt. I will write whatever comes to mind, be it a fic, a drabble, a poem, whatever. Please note that I may ask you to change one of these if I'm not familiar enough with the variable in question.


Aug. 11th, 2011 12:31 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] zekkass

Pick one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. My choice, but if you have a specific question you can ask it in your request.

All my fics are on the fic tag!
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Dear Kirsche,

Thank you for submitting to the Neopian Times. Currently your submission (Refracted Hope) is being held over and may be considered for future publication in the Neopian Times. There is no need to submit your submission again, as it is saved by the editor.

Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team

YES! I've never gotten a story rejected after it's been held over.

I'll keep you all posted!
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Your story, "Refracted Hope", has been submitted successfully.

Wish me luck, guys!
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Title: don't have one yet! I'm thinking "Disillusioned", "Bad Habits", "Miscolored", or "Chronic Absentee". Suggest titles (even one of your own) in the comments please!
Fandom: Neopets(!)
Rating: G. I do plan to submit this to the NT, after all!
Summary: A longtime owner returns with yet another new account. But there's something from her previous "life" there she wants.
Notes: If there is anyone who is hard to write as a believable, flawed character, it's oneself. So critique me please! It's hard to write myself without help! I don't have to shoot for absolute professional quality given the stories at the Neopian Times, but the less I settle for second best, the better my chances of getting in!

under here. )
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Title: Introspect
Source: SJ, SMT DR
Rating: G
Pairings: Mastema/Zelenin (adarkerangel/secular_saint)
Warnings: Uh.  A bit angsty?  Otherwise none.
Summary: The heightened tension after the Mall's Conception brings Mastema face to face with renewed guilt and some of his difficulties with communication.
Notes: So this was originally gonna be a summary of SJ from Mastema's perspective (as relating to Zelenin).  But the muse realized how pathetic he was being.  So...yay?

Under the cut )


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Title: Negotiations
Source: SMT2
Characters: Law!Aleph, Ghoulette, Angel, Dark Elf
Rating: G
Warnings: None?
Notes: Based on an actual negotiation. It happened immediately after I recruited Angel, so I just had to wonder what she was thinking when Aleph did that.

Angel wasn't quite certain what she'd gotten herself into. She'd certainly been impressed with Aleph's bravado and commanding voice, but what kind of Messiah would approach the undead for conversation?

"Hello there," Aleph said, smile as friendly as the one he'd approached her with.

The Ghoulette looked at him with a wistful stare. " remind me of..." she trailed off with a dreamy sigh. "...will...will you dance with me the way I used to?"

"Sure," Aleph said, putting away his weapons.

"Master Aleph!" Angel cried, unable to stop herself.

The Ghoulette put her hand on Aleph's shoulder.

Angel watched in mute horror, sure their master's kindness had cost them the initiative.

But Aleph put his arms around the living corpse in return. Ghoulette smiled and moved one hand to his waist, taking the other in her own.

And, without threat, they began to dance.

It didn't take long before the pair were enveloped in a soft white light. The Divine drew a slow breath, recognizing the anguished soul given rest.

The light cleared, leaving Aleph alone.

"Truly a Messiah," Angel breathed.

"Don't become too enthralled," said Dark Elf beside her. "The other one will not be swayed that easily. We have a battle to complete."
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The fourth wall has become transparent, revealing a long table at which several muses sit, watching the world on the other side of thousands of computer monitors with a nervous expectancy in their eyes.

They have gathered here, waiting for questions to come their way.

The people on the other side will supply them. The questions may concern anything at all, in-character, backstory, meta, whatever can come to their minds. They only need ask in a reply to this post, and the interview will commence. They will be compelled to answer every question, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.
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Title: The Casting of Pawns
Source: SJ, mythology, SMTDR
Characters: Zelenin(secular_saint) (framing device), Mastema(adarkerangel)
Rating: ...PG?
Summary: Mastema recounts, through a letter to Zelenin, the moment he lost empathy for humankind.


Under the cut, if I can get this thing to behave. )
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I want to introduce you all to Imran, or [ profile] timelessgray, a human kid-turned-Charmander just trying to figure out what's going on.

That's right, it's an interactive journal fic of sorts (not quite a LP?) of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon! Explorers of Darkness, to be precise.

It's probably silly and stupid, but Imran is an indecisive derp just like his author/player and needs you guys to help make decisions.

You don't have to be anonymous despite that being the preferred format of the people involved so far, but I just ask that you respect the fourth wall (and the plot!) or you'll have a confused Charmander on your hands. Feel free to friend him or just watch me since I'll be announcing posts of his in posts of my own.

It might be hard because of the format to read from the beginning, and for that, I apologize. If you want a link to his first post or to any post, just ask him and maybe he'll point you to it!

I look forward to this...whatever it is. Hope you'll join us!
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Title: Endgame
Source: Shin Megami Tensei
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Characters: Chaos Hero, Hero(Kazuya) and Heroine(Yuka) by mention.
Notes: Freewriting style thing. I dunno, I had some time to kill between classes and was bored. It probably sucks.

This is probably stupid. )
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First, the meme:

And now the fic:

Title: Mementos
Rating: G
Category: Gen
Source: Imagine/[ profile] smtdressingroom
Characters: Izumi
Warnings: Rambling stream of consciousness, angst.

When dealing with matters of Izumi's family, angst is unavoidable. )
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So, this is a little mini...midquel to Off-Alignment. It has no title because I got the idea for this little scene in the middle of the dungeon and I really want to get back to the game. Warning for, uh...I guess there aren't any warnings?

cut just because. It's not that long. )
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Title: Off-Alignment
Source: Strange Journey
Category: Gen
Characters: Mastema, MC("Davis"), Jimenez, Zelenin
Rating: Let's say...PG-13 for language and blood, some things that might be disturbing.
Warnings: Tried to keep things vague, but if you are really unaware of the way Chaos works this might spoil the Chaos ending for you.
Author's Note: I really don't like Mastema, but...damn, this little idea I have for him is really fucking cruel now that I think about it.

Sometimes he wakes up... )
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Okay, you know the drill.

Give me one or two characters and a word or phrase, and I'll write something from it.

[ profile] smtdressingroom characters only, please!


Apr. 28th, 2010 05:08 am
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Title: Point of Divergence
Rating: PG for gore. Maybe PG-13.
Source: Nocturne, [ profile] regainedvirtue and [ profile] human_enough's world.
Summary: The point where Virtue's efforts made their world AU, and yet another damn study of Yosuga.
Warnings: Gore. Written at 5 in the morning on no sleep. You have been warned.
Author's note: Holy crap look at the word repetitions. I suck.

Long ficlet is long. )

Fic time!

Apr. 10th, 2010 12:42 am
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Title: But They Won't
Source: SMT2
Characters: Gabriel, Hiroko, Virtue
Warnings: SMT2 spoilers. Including the massively mindscrewy one.
Category: Generic
Rating: G
Note: The "not-thoughts" seem a bit OOC on purpose - they're filtered through Gabriel's own mind so they seem like her own. I wanted to address this in the fic but couldn't find a good place to do so.

cut )
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Title: Personal Victory
Rating: G?
Fandom: SMT: Imagine
Characters: And my Joyful Alice. Do I fail or do I fail? ^^;
Notes: I wasn’t sure when I got this idea to write something between a game diary and fanfiction, but I did. These events actually took place ingame. Well, to a degree.

cut for length )

Meme time!

Apr. 2nd, 2010 01:51 pm
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Ask me a question about one of my fics—characters, plot, what happened before or after, what the writing process was like, what scenes I cut or changed, other ways the fic could have gone, relevant bits of backstory/headcanon/worldbuilding, what a certain line or scene meant or was in reference to, what various characters were doing offscreen, or anything else you can think of. Questions can be as silly/serious/sexy as you like.

My fics are:

under the cut! )

...And several other fics floating around out there that I won't bother to mention. Ask away.


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