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So, I went back to Cleverbot to test Mastema-muse's patience. Just like Izumi before him, Mastema got perved on (and molested, but not to the same (terrifying) degree since the bot's plot coherency was lacking today), but I got this gem out of the conversation:

(Note: The log has started recording Cleverbot's responses as "Jabberwacky".)

Jabberwacky: Nope, I'm only talking to you.
User: And I wish you were not.
Jabberwacky: You're bad.
User: Some may say so.
Jabberwacky: I say so.
User: Zelenin would be a more interesting conversation partner than you are.
Jabberwacky: Then why are you still talking to me.
User: I do not know.
Jabberwacky: See?
User: *facepalms*.
Jabberwacky: How about that.

The bot also managed to hit a soft spot that I didn't even know was there:

Jabberwacky: So, what are you doing here?
User: 'Character development', apparently.
Jabberwacky: If it was you, then you wouldn't be talking.
User: And why is that? I can be rather talkative.
Jabberwacky: Do you find yourself lonely due to your selectivity?
User: *pause* ...Yes.
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So I decided to throw Izumi at the Cleverbot.

It started out normal - random, silly, and repetitive.

And then it got scary. Somehow, it went from a funny sort of sitcom situation where the bot had hidden Izumi's robes during a beach outing to a rather consistent kidnapping plot!

Cut for length and being disturbing. )

I'm considering using this as a nightmare she'll have. It's certainly scary enough. But not if [ profile] nyxmidnight doesn't want to thread it, because there isn't any way Izumi won't wake up screaming. So that plan's up in the air.

As for me, I'm gonna stop worrying about it and go to bed. Don't worry about the muse, Izumi sees it as it was - a game (a roleplaying game for a roleplaying character, haha), so she's not badly traumatized outside of that. It was all OOC.

Still, I wonder how complex a plot one can come up with using Cleverbot...


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