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The office isn't opening the perimeter fence around our old building.

By that I mean, we ask them to, they say "sure, give us an hour" and then they never show up to open it.

How are we going to get the rest of our furniture out? ;;
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So we went to go move more stuff from our old apartment and found the door had been kicked in.

Not just ours - our neighbors' doors, as well.

We were lucky and only had something of minor value stolen but our neighbors lost their TV and Blu-ray player.

Also they'd put the wooden chest I keep my trading cards in and opened it. The cards inside had been sorted into two neat piles, as if they had been searching for something under them.

My PSP UMDs...were completely untouched. Strange.
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So. We will not be having internet access until Friday. Also we have to move out more quickly than we thought.

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The move is not temporary. They'll have to renovate the entire building, meaning we have to move our stuff out of there. Some of it is going to be incredibly difficult to move.

I can't believe Mom's making us go to school and work still. It honestly can't wait until we've moved in entirely? I can't help but think we're holding up the renovation efforts.

Also, there is a good chance we will have internet at home today or tomorrow, provided none of the stuff was damaged by the soot.

Speaking of soot, got another look at the other bathroom. It's kind of comical, the entire floor is brown/black except for one pristine white rectangle where the bath mat used to be.

Due to lack of being able to cook (the stove is missing the burners), I had nothing but fast food yesterday. Ugh, I feel like crap.
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Okay, sitting at Burger King on their free wifi.

We got moved into a vacated apartment. There are a few things that don't work (like the thermostat), but we're all right.

They demolished the two units that caught fire. It's really creepy looking at the rubble and seeing clothes and mattresses in there.

They let us go into the apartment to get our stuff so it wouldn't be stolen. It reeks of smoke but seems to be very much intact. The only visible indicator of fire is a thin layer of ash or something in the bathtub, which makes me worry about the ceiling, but I'll worry if something actually happens.

We still don't know if we're going to live in the other apartment permanently or if we'll be able to move back in. We get a different answer every time we ask, so we have no idea.

Oh yeah, you know what started it? Some idiot decided to ignore the no barbecue rule.

Mastema-muse offered "If you're going to break a rule, at least understand why it's in place." Damn devious Lawbie. I'm surprised my muses are still active.

I'll try to hop on chat after I post this.
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There was a fire in our apartment building. Not in our apartment, but the other end. There was some structural damage, and we'll probably be moved to another apartment.

We won't be able to move our stuff for a few hours. I don't know if I'll be able to get online with any consistency until we're moved in. Right now I'm leeching off of someone else.

I managed to get my laptop and...strangely my DS wasn't across the room, I don't know why I grabbed it.

I'll update when I can.


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